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Welcome to Krown Trading, where you'll find premium educational trading programs & tools for those who want to trade like the professionals do. With over 150+ videos, and 60+ hours of content from our own programs alone, you'll find everything you need to start trading like a professional. Want to keep up on the latest crypto news, enjoy free and daily streams with price action news and analysis, and track your own growth? You can sign up for free for the Krown Trading App - and it's the only place to get our premium trading programs & tools.
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Free all-in-one solution
The krown trading app
With the Krown Trading app you can monitor your accounts securely with a variety of analytical tools & charts, news, and videos. It's the home of all things Krown and crypto and best of all it's free to join.
Trade Like A Pro
100+ videos for all skill levels
Krown Trading began as a way to help others get into trading. Today, we offer over 100+ premium training videos for beginners and pros alike - and also offer daily market analysis, on-stream, for free.
The Krown Jewel
An indicator with an edge
The Jewel is our proprietary indicator, developed in-house to help you trade more confidently. See the market highs, lows, and averages in a new and improved way that will change your game.

Save up to 20% Off ALL Our Programs & Tools for a limited time

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The Art & Application of Technical Analysis
Eric Crown
Was $1799
Now 20% off original price!
Learn how professionals read & analyze charts, and use that information to make their trades
Our bestseller; contains over 75+ videos, at over 31+ hours of content with more added regularly
Includes access to an exclusive Discord channel where Krown and other traders talk trading
Program normally $1799. Payment plans available. See checkout for details.
Advanced program
Master your options
Eric Crown
Was $1799
Now 20% off original price!
This course is designed for seasoned traders interested in learning about options trading
54 videos, nearly 17 hours of content
Includes access to an exclusive Discord channel where Krown and other traders talk trading
Program normally $1799. Payment plans available. See checkout for details.
for beginners
neophyte's initiation to trading & technical analysis
Eric Crown
Was $300
Now 20% off original price!
This course is designed for those who are completely new and want to know where to start
26 videos, over 11 hours of content
This course will walk you step-by-step through the entire setup process and teach you the basics
Program normally $300. No payment plans available for this program.
psychology of trading
Video program: turning a loser into a consistent winner
Was $499
Now 20% off original price!
Psychology of trading program. Learn how to apply your knowledge and manage emotions
Make trading your job; not an addiction
Mentorship program available - click "Learn More" below for details.
Program normally $499. Payment plans available. See checkout for details.
Pinescript Mastery: Learn to make Your Own Indicators
Romain Subrero
Was $400
Now 25% off original price!
Learn to make your own indicators and strategies in trading view
20 videos from basics to code strategy
This course takes you step-by-step through the entire process of getting started with Pine Script
Program normally $400. No payment plans available for this program.
the Jewel - 3 Month Package
Krown Trading
Now 20% off original price of $300 / month!
$720 / every 3 months
Our proprietary indicator that has been used by thousands to help give them an edge
Displays momentum for markets at multiple timeframes for increased signal accuracy
Includes access to an exclusive Discord channel where Krown provides candid insight
Indicator normally $300 / per month, total of $900 for 3 months if billed monthly. Monthly subscription available at no sale price. See checkout for details.
Caretaker RSI Divergence Indentifier
Gordon Hinds
Now 20% off original price of $200 / year!
$160 / annual subscription
Pay once and get access to clean and easy-to-read divergence for a year
Both bullish & bearish divergences charted, including hidden bullish and bearish
Includes supplemental video showing optimal use cases, examples, and trading strategy
Indicator normally $200 / per year. No payment plans available for this indicator.
worth every dollar
I've watched through the whole course once so far. It was really great man. Much better than I expected or hoped for. Worth every dollar.
- tiels
stack 'em high
Loving the course dude. [I've seen] +66.33% ROE - stacking them chips!
- hdiesel
pays for itself
I already made back the money I spent on the course. Took less than a day. Cheers!
- morgan doel
great starting course
Easy to understand, straight to the point! Great course to start with!
- daan kouwen
kingly gains
The EMA module is king! One can make all kind of gains with it.
- sushi42
even higher education
The EMA part of your module should cost more than my college education.
- greg meyle
"gave me a nice profit"
I made a call on the basis of your indicator module... and it gave me a nice profit.
- one
Defines a working strategy
I'm loving the program. It's really helped me define a strategy that's been working.
-Donald Duck
pays for itself
Krown's course has been a solid stone on which I could lean on to make decisions. It is very detailed... I can say that I could make the tuition fee in the first week.
- quebequer
Saw the light
The volume module is like Jesus slapped me.
- millenn tan
My latest epiphany - the only reason I survived as a trader in the last couple years without Krown's programs is because it was a bull market.
- nemo
can't wait to start
The course is amazing bro! Thank you so much! I can't wait to start trading.
- emanuel
Well well well...
If you made it this far down here we want to say thanks to you bullahs and bearahs (though the latter have been forced into hibernation for the time being). Thanks for sticking with us. It's been a hell of a year in more ways than one with everything going on in this crazy world right now - let alone the Bitcoin world, where as of writing this, we're on the precipice of hitting the $19k point.

We launched Krown Trading nearly a year ago and you guys embraced it - thank you for your support along the way - we most genuinely could not do this without you. If you're a long-time follower, you will notice things look a little different here on the main page. For one, we're not so blue anymore...

But that is most certainly not all - just consider this a glimpse of what's on the horizon. We're updating the look and feel of Krown Trading and this will be most obvious with the app. Initially, the launch will be a refresh, with all the core features you enjoy with the current version, but with a new, cleaner design and flow. Afterwards, we'll be layering in new features and content on a rolling basis after that point. To give you an idea of what some of those post-launch items will be, here is our current roadmap:
Customizable graphs, data, and information - and more customization in general
Basic access to the app and basic features without the need to make an account first
More content, such as regular written stream summaries - written by members of the cave community
A familiar layout with a cleaner design
Customizable layout and personalized dashboard pages
Customizable notifications to keep you up to date on both the market and Krown
Purchase programs & tools with crypto
An all new native app architecture mean a safer and more optimized experience
All this and more is coming after the initial app rollout - stay tuned for more!

From all us on the Krown team we just wanna say thanks and we'll be wishing you the happiest of the happiest. Stay safe out there, and we'll see you around!
-The Krown Team
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