Frequently Asked Questions

What does a subscription give me access to?

Pro tier subscribers get access to three of our proprietary indicators: Stochastics, RSI, and Fibonnacci indicators on TradingView. Jewel tier subscribers get access to our all of our proprietary indicators: stochastics, RSI, Fibonnacci, and Jewel indicators on TradingView. Subscribers of the Jewel tier subscription also get access to training videos that will guide them on how to setup and best use the Jewel. Subscribers of the Jewel tier also get access to an exclusive Discord channel where they can meet and exchange with other like-minded traders as well as Krown.

Is there a community?

Community is at the heart of Krown Trading and we invite you to join up here.

Subscribers to the Jewel tier subscription get access to an exclusive channel within our Discord community where Krown answers many community questions and feedback. Any questions related to the setup and use of the Jewel indicator can be asked and answered in Discord, and in general, users will find others as committed as themselves sharing their knowledge, biggest trades, and their strategies.

How do I access the indicators?

The indicators are currently developed for, and only available on, the TradingView platform. Upon purchase, we are notified of your subscription and grant access to the indicators. Due to the nature of the TradingView platform this can take up to 24 hours to implement. To ensure that this process is as expedient as possible, please fill out your TradingView username in your Krown Trading profile.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In your Profile on the Krown app you will find the link to cancel the subscription.

Can I use these indicators blindly?

Can you? Sure. Should you? No. The indicators are trading tools, and like any good tool, it’s only as good as the one who wields it. While these trading tools are extremely powerful we urge you to review all of the training videos before attempting to trade with them. New to trading? These videos can be found here.

How long will I have access to my Program for?

Once a Program is paid for in full, the video Program is YOURS for LIFE! This also includes any updates made to the video program.

If I use one of the monthly payment plans will I have access to the content now, or after I make the final payment?

You will be granted access as soon as the first of your payments is processed.

Are there refunds or money back guarantees for this program?

We will consider refunds on a case-by-case basis, but as a general rule, any user who has watched over 25% of a program’s respective content will not be eligible for a refund consideration.

How do I join the community?

Simple, follow this link and join our exclusive Discord community:

This is a curated group of highly dedicated individuals who have not only invested their time and finances but, more importantly, their passion towards learning and succeeding within this skill. This group is where I and the members of this community convene to share ideas and talk about the specific strategies and setups discussed within the program, as well as, points of clarification from the Program itself. I triage my time and attention towards helping the members of this community first and I update my thoughts on the market and things I am seeing first within this channel as well.

ALL members of the Art & Application of Technical Analysis, and Master Your Options programs gain exclusive access to our private Discord community. Once we process and confirm your payment, you will be granted access to an exclusive channel pertaining to your respective Program. Please allow between 24-48 hours for us to process and grant access before contacting us.

Where can I access the programs from?

Login with your account on the Krown app. From there, click on either the "Programs & Subs" or "Videos" main menu options. From the "Programs & Subs" page, you can click on the respective and owned program's card to begin playing the series. The "Videos" option will take you to the video player directly and will play whichever program you were last on.