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Our proprietary Jewel indicator has helped many step up their game. The Jewel is your sidekick through every trade, giving you the confidence you need to make the smart plays. The Jewel also gets you access to many exclusive features in the Krown App. But don't take our word for it, check out what our users have to say.

The Jewel Indicator

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With the Jewel... Are you a genius, or just a mad scientist?
- quitoman
Keep 'em coming
Really digging the new app features. Thank you and keep 'em coming
- tetonite
Such Great Work
Wow... You've done such great work since I looked at this last fall (2019)! You guys never cease to amaze me!
- suhsi42
"Gave me a nice profit"
I made a call on the basis of your indicator module... and it gave me a nice profit.
- one
The indicators tab is awesome! Very nice, Monsieur!
Keep it secret
I bought your program today. I have to say this: your program should be banned so the plebs won't be able to get it (just kidding).
- val kremen
Dope! Love the recent updates and plans for the new stuff!
- Semiquasi
straight to the point
Easy to understand, straight to the point!
- Daan Kouwen
This Jewel is $$$. Thanks, Team Krown!
- StuntV
Define a working strategy
I'm loving the program. It's really helped me define a strategy that's been working.
- gumble
Saw the light
The volume module is like Jesus slapped me.
- Millenn Tan
Better and Better
The course just keeps getting better. Recommended to one of my crypto groups based on my impressions so far. Awesome work dude!
- SpeedJunkie