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The Art & Application of Technical Analysis
Program Length: 21:57:53

The Art & Application of Technical Analysis

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Worth every dollar
I've watched through the whole course once so far. It was really great man. Much better than I expected or hoped for. Worth every dollar.
- Tiels
pays for itself
I already made back the money I spent on the course. Took less than a day. Cheers!
- Morgan Doel
kingly Gains
The EMA module is king! One can make all kind of gains with it.
- suhsi42
"Gave me a nice profit"
I made a call on the basis of your indicator module... and it gave me a nice profit.
- one
Pays for itself
Krown's course has been a solid stone on which I could lean on to make decisions. It is very detailed... I can say that I could make the tuition fee in the first week.
- quebequer
My latest epiphany - the only reason I survived as a trader in the last couple years without Krown's programs is because it was a bull market.
- Nemo
In it for the long haul
What I'm learning from your courses will help me make a lot of money over the next few decades.
- Mike o
Big Plays
Yesterday's short play when we wicked abover 6300 took to +41% in three days. I'm well on the way to paying for the course already, can't thank enough!
- speedjunkie
Keep it secret
I bought your program today. I have to say this: your program should be banned so the plebs won't be able to get it (just kidding).
- val kremen
My only regret
Just got the program yesterday. I'm on module 5. It just keeps getting better. I regret not getting it sooner.
- Thomas cobb
Absolute gold
I gotta say the EMAs and RSI modules are absolute GOLD man. Just with the info from two modules alone I've upped my account by 27%
- Joe
Something for everyone
I've been a professional trader for awhile and have still found tons of gems in Krown's course that have made it an invaluable asset.
- kongobeatz
Stack 'em high
Loving the course dude. [I've seen] +66.33% ROE - stacking them chips!
- hdiesel
great starting course
Easy to understand, straight to the point! Great course to start with!
- Daan Kouwen
Even Higher Education
The EMA part of your module should cost more than my college education.
- Greg Meyle
Define a working strategy
I'm loving the program. It's really helped me define a strategy that's been working.
- gumble
Saw the light
The volume module is like Jesus slapped me.
- Millenn Tan
Can't wait to start
The course is amazing bro! Thank you so much! I can't wait to start trading.
- emanuel
proven strategies
Up 10% this week by strictly following your strategies. Probably could be up a lot more, but have only been trading when in front of the computer.
- emanuel
Better and Better
The course just keeps getting better. Recommended to one of my crypto groups based on my impressions so far. Awesome work dude!
- SpeedJunkie
Simply Put
This TA program is da shiz.
- Cryptomf
worth it
Course is worth every dollar.
- Carma
I watched the stochastics and RSI modules tonight... OMFG they are mindblowing!
Master your options
Go full-time
Last 1.5 months I gained about 1.2BTC. If I keep that up I can trade full-time haha. Getting excited watching these options videos. Lots of opportunity.
- dampkinparty000
So Last Year...
Long/Short is so last year... GO OPTIONS, GUYS... start saving and buy Krown's Options program, especially if you want to start sleeping again...
- M B
What a bargain
I got to say, the amount of in-depth analysis and information you provide to us is worth 10x more than what you're currently asking for.
- jeff asper
College Course
Options is a deep game - college course for sure - this one makes you money though. I'm loving it.
- Goudajonz
Happier than before
Hey man, I bought your Options program and it is really well done. Already 420% happier than I was before I bought it.
- Zack Privitera
My PLeasure
Learning to think correctly about Options this quickly is a pleasure. Seriously man, what a pleasure.
- T.W.
That Value
Lots of value in here that you can't find in Investopedia.
- Tiels
Pretty Cool
I started the Options program 23 days [ago and] doubled my Deribit account so that's pretty cool. All Options.
- Dampkinparty000
Solid Gold
Your Options Program is solid gold as you really go in depth & detail to thoroughly explain all the little nuances in a way that makes understanding options simple.
- playawon
Program Length: 16:29:44

Mastering Your Options

With a single payment. Payment plans available at
varying prices. See checkout for details.
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